The Swallow

作詞:Ayase・訳詞:Konnie Aoki

The Swallow
Here I make new meaning over these waters
Consumed and, cut the clear wind as I soar
To flap all wings as fast as I can take
To my city there, let's go
Soon, beyond this ocean

Yes, I'm a small little swallow, arriving upon a city
There is something that I saw
That's full of joy, I hear a few voices
And sounds of worry and sorrow of other friends' voices

We all have many different ways to be living lives we are in
Wanting to just protect without a time of noticing
Why are we inflicting this pain on one another
Under the same sky we live in

Brought to the world, every tall and small and all
Many lives of color variety, together, we keep living
With everyone, we people and all the plants, every bird and flower
Shoulder to shoulder just look around
But in the world, things we're always reaching for
And the new futures we're looking for are all such different tones
If we're able to keep going hand in hand
We will be laughing and living together with a smile
I'm thinking of what I can do to make it better now

Back on the other side of fortune that's taken up by somebody
Friends have lost locations, a place to live and come home to
Only thing he wanted was to harmoniously
Be living here together and just be

Could not see anything, overtaken by sorrow
Shadows almost here to stain darker colors in my soul
When you start to forgive, and accept our differences
We begin to make connection once again

What could it be that we can be doing now
Even if we couldn't change it all by doing everything we can
Let it be known, to somebody's day, go on
Bring a little bit of vibrancy in color to their world

We know it's far from a precious stone so bright
It's nothing like any fine sheet of gold
But just as how we see, if we could make our world
Start overflowing with a subtle little piece of love
Take notice what surrounds, some changes you will see
Under the same sky we live in, one day it'll show
So goes the story of small and little me holding a big dream

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