Rat Race

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INORAN & Roots Manuva


Roots Manuva



Ship shape for change
Few maintain 2 brave da pain, and embrace da gain
The pain is life,the pain is death From
first 2 last breath,only time will tell
If da ticket that U get trails 2 heaven or hell
For each & every choice there's a price 2 bare
Time throws scenarios, best beware of da brainwash
Cranes fight for market share
False prophets get slicker from year 2 year
Perception is all when the dice done land
There'll be a spanner in your plan if U don't guard your soul
Da renk head of hate soon takes its toll
And all because a fool can't swallow their pride
Hell terrains grip with perpetual slide
Babylonian flames burn bright
First strikes da inna slight, now the wounded roam
Grapping on thier own coz they know not how
They gonna learn 2 love 2 love 2 learn
We cry 4 the youth spread truth & stand firm

Close to da quest, yes (Hot one)
Tied to da quest, yes (Hot two)
Mental benchpress to see me thru×2

The junction of life is da here & now
The test ever is the test ever will be
Step ahead with your good good self
Soldier proceed synchronized 2 da sound of da boom boom bap
Don't fraid the beast flack
They get a run for their last brown penny
We defend em with a passion
The enemy don't like 2 see world-wide hiphop youth in harmony
With a new found rebel flex & nuff love of self

Definition of discipline will soon take flight
Show the take prize & rise 2 da tide
Kick down dem door of perception,planet-wide connection
Live wire birth 2 a new found worth and a whole world of gerth
We don't stop big up all brave heart folk
We dare 2 defy Babylonian smoke

Close to da quest, yes (Hot one)
Tied to da quest, yes (Hot two)
Mental benchpress to see me thru×2

I don't give a damn about ya postcode,know da mode
North 2 da southside,east 2 da west
Lay down da foundation,start 2 da protest
There's a million & one ways 2 scan a nice rise
If U get that rise, how will U use that rise
Will U seek out ways 2 elevate your own
Or will U switch & start dancing tight 2 da snake
Inna lake of brimstone for living death sake
Warm 2 da wake my sisiter, my bro
No time for fakes,your inna eyes glow
Read up da signs,dem and fix up fast
It don't see cred,it don't see class
Tis a next plain of thought frame we flame
Adamant now we aim & burn off dachains

Close to da quest, yes (Hot one)
Tied to da quest, yes (Hot two)
Mental benchpress to see me thru×2

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曲名:Rat Race 歌手:INORAN & Roots Manuva

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