作詞:Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas
作曲:Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas

Come on Ladies and gentle men, Hi thats right!Catch and set it now!
This is what people call us,“Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas”
Yes Sir
Lets go for it and follow me
Don't dirty your clothes with your drivel

Do you feel the worth of your existence?
A question hits your mind on a depressed night
Have you ever thought oh if there are things that only you can do?
you are the only one

what is what you can do
what thoughts you got now to do it
don't wrap yourself inside a blanket you know
what is what you can do
what thoughts you got now to do it
It ain't something you can achieve without trying

Without knowing that you are drowning down into the mud
Though you diss the others that have managedto pull pull pull pull it off
you can't admit the fact fact fact fact of yourself fact
being ah so cliche[Watch out!]
Hey stay in the crowd?[Destroy!]
Go out go out yo come on now with your strong will,
are you ready guys?

Find yourself your only self with your silent heart
You are always the only you
that will never change as always

Oh Oh Oh
There sure are things only you can do
Cuz you are the only one (person)
Oh Oh Oh
The ones that don't even know left, right, or wrong
will shine in life.
Go find the meaning of yourself

Do you know your feelings?
Your hearts will be harder to see as you keep living
At least let yourself believe yourself, believing that
you are the masterpiece god has made

Alright,You wanna win this?[Ha]
Like to be praised?[ha]
Really like being praised?[Let's go]
You are the best players
Come on! Let's get it going on

Your hearts will be harder to see as you (keep) living
At least let yourself believe yourself

Oh Oh Oh
To live as yourself
It's actually like grabbing like grabbing the sky
Bring it down to reality now
Oh Oh Oh
There are no insane circuits
So that you can move forward in your way ah

Run Dance Go
Catch yourself meaning to your life
Think Tell Show
Cuz there are things only you can…
The light will shine as you think your best is further
Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Yeah

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