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it doesn't add up

song speaks to my soul
here i go
common sense is never the answer

those days become today all over again

the story unfolds the truth only told to those that see

star burns i keep watching
it walks jagged path that's what I've learned

a silent reflection

i discover “i” s i don't need and realize my loneliness

foolish i
over kind i
i aspire
i'm unable to see
i see too much
i try to run
i try to control
i cut all ties and completely lock myself out

self-hating i

there's a part of me that's actually satisfied with all these “i” s

with the voices of truth to live
with the voices of truth to live

wanting to speak about the unspoken truth

nothing changes without hoping
things change without asking

dried up in the shadow of hatred, a heart in desperate need of love


the voices of truth hidden behind words
the truth gets derailed in this polluted world

as i forget what was trying to say

eyes close

beyond the depth of blackness spread the darkness of white
the unreachable dream that's what makes it beautiful

i probably don't

moods swing
naive expectations impulse
instinctive precision

precise instinct

untainted soul

innocent passion

dose life have to be an endless battle

the truth breaks open a small hole in the boat
that sets out for the sea

rowing down history
knowing it will repeat

yea i've seen so many things change
hey i know you know

in the end it's all the same

dance at your own risk
anybody can, but nobody does it that far

a nobody till success in the real world is reached
beyond that
beyond that lies the truth making it to that true life

our weather changes easily

the obvious morals

a point can be taken from anything and everything
from the point one point dominates all, it becomes ego

messages and attitude coexist with ego

methodic survivors
fed up with the fight faint-hearted ringside losers

even the most perfectly prepared plans will fall

unfriendly night

time to reveal heart
anybody, somebody's scheme set it aside

is it really real is the passion real


the will in kindness
dangerous mind


i won't forget

the last scene

arriving at full speed
i left myself behind a long while ago

it's right to give

knew it but did not want to understand what it is

want to feel
to look ahead
to look ahead tonight singing something i never sung

soon i'll come for you

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曲名:scribbles 歌手:SOUL'd OUT

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