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First step today and I'm still out of time
Drive fast and say the crowd's out of town
Does that sound, this spell, its still strong
That little thing that goes down, down, down, down...

What's this I'm feeling I'm still on the stage
I'm staring down now so don't start out so loud
I step in front of the line, its all stars
This little spell that takes me, now I'm down on my luck

I, I didn't think to say
You got to stay to stand up to the world
I've been a stubborn man
Cause there's a spell that makes me run to you

There's nothing here that can stare at a star
But not today, I don't have control, no
This stops my heart, like doves, I'm on fire
That little spell that sings when I'm gone, gone, gone...yeah

Last stop to better stay in step
Stop that thing that goes on at dawn, I said...
This isn't safe, I can't, It's not me
It doesn't matter if we're anything to stay

I didn't think to say
You got to stand to stay on to the world
I still become this man
Cause there's a spell, its voodoo, I can't help but see you

There isn't anything I can see
Explain why my hearts so on fire
It doesn't make any sense, your so soft
This little spell that takes me, now I'm down on my luck

I, I just can't think to say
Its nothing but this dream that keeps me standing here
I just keep this stuborn man,
this stubborn spell that keeps now, now, now...

That voodoo's got everything gone so crazy now
This voodoo takes all I can do, to make it right

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曲名:Voodoo 歌手:大橋トリオ



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