Maybe feat. Friday Night Plans

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I wanna be close to you
But you're hesitating

Tell me that you're ready but
Then you keep me waiting

There is still a side of you
You keep locked away
Underneath, out of reach
Buried in your head

I wanna make it easy but you
Say it's complicated

It's like your heart
Have never found a home
Give me your fingers, and I'll
Thread em through my own
You don't have to hide
Don't gotta be alone
You don't have to hide
You don't have to make you a believer

Maybe I said too much
(Or am I saying enough)

Do you wish all of this
Was only an illusion

All the things you don't say
Makes it so confusing

I wanna be all you need
Trying to be patient
feeling like i'm feeling you
In the power of persuasion
Oh I'm so overcome
With the anticipation

I close my eyes
Wishing I was numb
I got questions but
The answer never comes
Should I run and hide
Hide away from love
Should I run and hide
Lately I don't know what I believe in

Maybe I said too much
(Or am I saying enough)

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曲名:Maybe feat. Friday Night Plans 歌手:starRo & AmPm

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