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I DREAMED A DREAMMay J.May J.Alain Boublil・英語詞:Herbert KretzmerClaude-Michel SchonbergKOHSUKE OSHIMAI dreamed a dream in time gone by When hope was high and life worth living  I dreamed that love would never die I prayed that God would be forgiving  Then I was young and unafraid And dreams were made and used and wasted  There was no ransom to be paid No song unsung, no wine untasted  But the tigers come at night With their voices soft as thunder  As they tear your hopes apart And they turn your dream to shame  Still I dream he'll come to me That we will live the years together  But there are dreams that cannot be And there are storms we cannot weather  I had a dream my life would be So different from this hell I'm living  So different now from what it seemed Now life has killed the dream I dreamed
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  3. スイート・キャロライン
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