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You and the night and the music島田歌穂・島健島田歌穂・島健Howard DietzArthur SchwartzSong is in the air Telling us romance is ours to share Now at last we've found one another alone Love like yours and mine Has the thrilling glow of sparkling wine Make the most of time ere it has flown  You and the night and the music Fill me with flaming desire Setting my being completely on fire You and the night and the music Thrill me but will we be one After the night and the music are done?  Until the pale light of dawning and daylight Our hearts will be throbbing guitars Morning may come without warning And take away the stars  If we must live for the moment Love till the moment is through After the night and the music die Will I have you?
That's Entertainment島田歌穂島田歌穂Howard DietzArthur Schwartz島健Everything that happens in life can happen in a show You can make them laugh You can make them cry Anything, anything can go  The clown with his pants falling down or the dance that's a dream of romance or the scene, where the villian is mean That's entertainment!  The lights on the lady in tights or the bride with a guy on the side or the ball where she gives him her all That's entertainment!  The plot can be hot, simply teeming with sex A gay divorcee who is after her ”ex” It could be Oedipus rex Where a chap kills his father and causes a lot of bother  The clerk who is thrown out of work by the boss who is thrown for a loss by the skirt who is doing him dirt  The world is a stage the stage is a world of entertainment!  It might be a fight like you see on the screen A swain getting slain for the love of a queen Some great Shakespearean scene Where a ghost and a prince meet and every one ends in mince meat  The gag may be waving the flag that began with a Mister Cohan Hip hurray the American way  The world is a stage the stage is a world of entertainment!
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