Song of..

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How long must I wait?
The hopes that I chase
Whether it's too late
If my bird has flown

The dreamer you've been
Your little girl has become
What should I do?
Your plans fell through for you
But I must believe in myself
But I must believe in myself

Don't say goodbye
Two birds are flying high
And I must leave on a wind only for the few
Dangerous and lonely times there may be
She's forever asking will she leave
Is this what a dreamer should feel?

Say goodbye to my drab and passive days right now
You've found the gem in me
There's no other reason, you made me what I am
No more cry
I don't have to be in despair
Just to live according to how I feel
Your words often echoes in my heart
I can say it's all because of you

Don't say goodbye
Are the clouds forever new?
Inspiring me feather's can change from grey to blue
Every second children are being born
I can keep the world they enter warm and still
full of the spirit of dawn

Let's sing a song of the future
We're on a great adventure
Do you know a song of the future?
We're always wishing and dreaming on
Let's sing a song of the future
Might be the hard adventure
No matter how it hurts, keep on going
Just keep on moving
We're gonna draw our ways

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曲名:Song of.. 歌手:Mika Kobayashi・Aimee Blackschleger・mpi

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