The Gift

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Since time began, at last we see
We're in a universe embracing you and me.
A ray of light from every star shines from the
Heavens on its way to touch your heart.

When we believe in what we feel,
The love around us shows us miracles are real.
It brings us joy we've never known.
No matter where we are, we'll never be alone.

We'll find forever.
Each moment takes us there.
Loving together, And knowing
There's a reason we were meant to be,
Tomorrow brings another miracle to see,
And now,

Spread your wings and fly.
You'll touch the sky.
Your dreams are waiting there for you.
You can shine to light the dark.
Change the world no matter who you are.
Find that love is strong and true.
The gift the universe will always give to you.

From just a seed, a flower grows
To bring us beauty everywhere
The wind may blow.

A drop of rain, the warming sun,
And life goes on and on, the best is yet to come.

For all we know, for all we are,
For all the times,
We may have wished upon a star.
The more we love in all we do,
The more our dreams will find
A way of coming true.

The gift is you. The gift is me.
The gift is love that we can share so easily.
And so for now and ever more, let's make
A better world we've never seen before.

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曲名:The Gift 歌手:堀澤麻衣子



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