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black butterflyRockstar SteadyRockstar SteadyAiha HigurashiAiha Higurashidon't you ever know that I'm fuckin' good but I'm not the one you wish for you can never tell me what to do I have my own future in my hands just fuckin' off the TV and play my song don't you ever preach me anyway don't you ever think I'm gonna be your girl I'm a butterfly in this dirty world  lookin for something new something bright I'm gonna run run run forever no one can stop me just let me go and be a beautiful butterfly  I am a black butterfly I am a beautiful butterfly flying  people're thinkin' I'm a silly girl becoz I have a dream to come true but I'm not that fucked up like you are I'm gonna go jumping outa world  I got my gear time to fly fly fly fly fly  I'm a beautiful butterfly flying don't you ever know I'm a butterfly I'm a butterfly flying flying flying I'm flying
アフター・ザ・ツイン・ピークスカジヒデキカジヒデキAiha HigurashiHirohisa Horie・Hideki Kaji加地秀基・堀江博久Honey, Many times we've met many times as we wished to be Didn't know how much you meant to me I didn't realize you were part of me  Darlin', Long time we got along, why didn't I try? To know how you cry and laugh To know why you weep and smile to me  “It's over” I said “Isn't that right honey?” I repeatedly think you're still here for me Shala la la la la.. I still remember Shala la la........ When you were here Shala la la la..... We were so close to each other  How many times I kissed, and I touched your hair It just comes back to my mind I wish you were still here to find  To find... To find... Me...
Paris,Texasカヒミ・カリィカヒミ・カリィAiha HigurashiAiha HigurashiI was born in Paris And I grew up in Texas I was born in Paris And I grew up in Texas Ah I was born in Paris  I was born in Texas But I grew up in Paris I went to school in Paris Yes I do love Paris Ah I was born in  I was born in Paris I was born in Paris I grew up in Texas But whenever you come I'm in Paris
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