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ナイス アンド スローKOJI 1200KOJI 1200AYUMI OBINATA・MERVIN JACKSONAYUMI OBINATA・MERVIN JACKSONAYUMI OBINATATake it nice and slow If you want me tonight I want to go all night long  Baby don't you worry Cause the feeling just right Till the morning sun  Take it nice and slow All I want is your love Baby morning moon and night  Round and round we go Take it nice and slow And we can keep it on the down low  I been watching you From the corner df my Eye Because there's aomething about you baby That got me hipnotized So now that I found you I want to see you all of the time We've got all night long So can I tast your love tonight  Driving by the ocean I often think of you We've had so many good time's Like lover's always do And when were not together I miss you all of the time And boy I'm so horny So want you jump on the next redeye.  Hey love give me what you got Boy tonight the night I want to make it right So let me take control of you Like every single day If your kickin it the right way
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