WONDER LONDON ~Future Calling~

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Today I know,means so much,
so much more than all my yesterdays…
but I didn't always see it that way
Looking back,those days and nights,
I had a loneliness I'd never known,
that feeling like I couldn't go on.

Oh,down Abbey Road, along the Thames again
I stride… oh, so calm inside

Tried and tried that final night,
the crowd had gone and we were moving on,
so tired trying to stay strong
From now on I go alone,
it cloud be worse this fate befallen me,
but where will I go, where will I be

This wall that's all around…
is finally breaking down my life,
it's time for me to see the truth

Oh,Oh Break Up Never Cry
Oh,Oh Break Up Never Cry
It's Primrose Hill I miss to be
once more with you… it's true

Now past my fear and all the tears,
I can hear the future calling me…
finally up again, back on my feet
And what I learned to my surprise,
my fate it seems is all in my control…
just don't stop to try, you will succeed.

Oh as the storm is gone…
reveals the breaking dawn in me,
London is where I wanna be!

Oh, Oh Break Up Never Cry
Oh, Oh Break Up Never Cry
Never again my fear will take control of me

Never stop going, never stop fighting,
for what you want in life
The only real failure is if you stop to try
The power is there…
it's always been, you'll see…
keeping your dreams alive

Oh, Oh Break Up Never Cry
Oh, Oh Break Up Never Cry
Oh, Oh Break Up Never Cry
Oh, Oh Break Up Never Cry
The future's yours,
your fate is up to you… to you

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曲名:WONDER LONDON ~Future Calling~ 歌手:杏子



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