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There is one thing to tell you all; listening to this lively song
“Raise your face now, raise your voice, and dance crazy
Oh through this night!” Yeah!

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Sing along now! Loud voice! You can do (it)!
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
(So that we can) leave (the) great moments
we spent with ya'll (as memory)

Oh Starry night!
We wanna keep in move, everyone (will) get the best night
Promise you
So shakin' dancing! Time is now, so shakin' dancing,
over your border Yeah

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
It's a crazy danceable dance tune!
So don't be late for (it), Come on!
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Here we go! You all, You all, let's just dance hard!

Oh Starry night!
We wanna keep in move and blow your mind again now
We promise you
Shake, so that we remember all (of) today surely Oh Oh Oh

Party! party! party!
The best dancing the best
playing the best party house is at no doubt...
Oh Regardless Regardless of gender, bounce to this tune and...
Yeah that fuckin dance all night! fucking dance, all night!
Dance till the dance till the coming dawn
Take a look around you
Everyone that is with you (are) dancing so
[Che Che Che Chei Chei]
which makes this burning floor
[Che Che Che Chei Chei]
heat up We are fellows of music

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Find your way out, go forward
When you're about to get into the dark
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Dance, and then you go forward
For your life

Dancing, Shining say Yeah Yeah
Dance all night say Oh Oh
Ah! Go to the best of you as if you (are) burning your own life

Oh Yeah! People will shine when they go forward
with their shaking hearts
It's all up to you if you can shine or not, can you make (it)?
Everybody, Sing along now!
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Like a starburst scattering light to the stars Oh Yeah

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曲名:Starburst 歌手:Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas

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