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Just a Little StepYOASOBIYOASOBIAyase・訳詞:Konnie Aoki・BFNKAyaseAyaseMost of it I can, most of it I can If I take a step out in the world Sow seeds that are inside of it all I care, so let that flow around I live and recall what each hour I got Today shifts, ending, so charming, you do know how So, that way, all of that joy rolls on to return it to you  I was so on the move again, and this morning When every old scenes appear and pass by me Have to take care of what you're needing me to bring over to you Receiving what you said to notify Attention, never minded, today the fortune was "If you go outside, comfort zone should sway"  And so, I just go about my own Keep it somewhere there in my mind Into another new day  Most of it I can, most of it I can If we take a step out in the world Most of it I can, I do know it, I can In time, we could share some of that love I live and recall each hour I'm on It's lovely, feeling of that day turning around So glad, I'm feeling that joy, it rolls on to return it to you  I got used to the heavy darkness on the screen And I feel as they forgot all about me When I think about it, so unhappy Wonder if I am "necessary" I thought about you and reminded in flashback An urge I need to feel, I could not fight back I take it upon me to leave and go meet you  It's all that I need  Maintaining wonder so long for this morning All moments, all the sentiments, and all learnings Before long, on the go, I have quickly just hit the road Suddenly, then, felt a bit of that kindness Then, you got to see it turn into the kindness that I got All out, rolls on to be out, back to you  Most of it I can, most of it I can Since I could step out in the world Most of it I can, oh, to know it, I can Act out of truth, and to be in my heart And now I see that all scenes will resolve As to best suit when it nearly has now arrived Finding all around as it flows  Go on now, from you to my heart, receiving it all I know you've got it coming through Soul focus on us, from me to you now Joy is the feeling spreading around I carry this out and see the colors Through every step out, I see kindness from me now Arriving into lives to play rolls Forever going around as it tolls  Revolving on and on On to live another day of this life But while you're living in the moment When you find a little piece of joy that you're owed I will be hoping that you will know it
HarukaYOASOBIYOASOBIAyase・訳詞:Konnie Aoki・BFNKAyaseAyaseI know it, back when no one Would think of me to take home Had nowhere else to belong Caught in a knot and woke alone You took a step while reaching out You shook my life and pulled me out Then filled the room with your smile I won't forget the look  Through life, in every corner Your moon light prayers calling Into this more, keep walking next to me And soon, taking on history Though life can be sore While light is seen a lot more We share every bit of what those times are made of  Looking again, ever the stories kept inside All memories come out Overwhelmed, I share them with you Away, alone, no one will see the step you take And all that you've been through For me to get to be here, right there and so close All that it would take For me to be whole and delighted, staying here with you Coming again with the words I wanna say is just "I am grateful"  Oh, so soon it was A joyous spring has come to us A new departure season, true A far away new city, move You let me be with you once again When falling alone and feeling deep I'll be here so that you can see I send it all and root Because I'm always here for you  Now we see, everything life brings you is not an easy journey As you went, hard to be concealing all your tears Still, on, we go Every day, take a step at your pace So, you can become mature and walk on through For me to get to be sitting here next to you, ah To me, if I can know you smile If you show me your brighter days I'll pray for every joy you got, deep inside your heart Is found within, to be a part of what you'll be  Say, giving you so much is your own I can understand plenty love around you has bloomed Don't cry, not any more Remember now, back in the day How you would keep your face in smiles, always  Looking back, I stare at these views I follow All memories come from within, I shared them with you Away, alone, no one will see the step you take Nor all the drops of tears you saw pour out Becomes a new meaning, to align with you I could soon know that plenty true love got to bloom Coming again with the words I wanna say is just "I am grateful"  It's true, evermore You will be okay It's true, evermore My love remains for you
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