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ブルーベリィ・ヒル小坂一也とワゴン・マスターズ小坂一也とワゴン・マスターズAl Lewis・Larry Stock・Vincent RoseAl Lewis・Larry Stock・Vincent Rose思い出の あのブルーベリィ・ヒル あのブルーベリィ・ヒル 夢見るは  なつかしの あのブルーベリィ・ヒル 月の夜の あの丘  いついつまでも 僕のものと 堅く誓った あのやくそくよ  別れても 捨てられても 忘れられない あのブルーベリィ・ヒル  I found my thrill On Blueberry hill On Blueberry hill When I found you The moon stood still On Blueberry hill And lingered until My dreams came true  The wind in the willows played Love's sweet melody But all of those vows we made Were never to be, Though we're apart You're part of me still For you were my thrill On Blueberry hill
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