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(Please Not) One More TimeSuperflySuperflyAl KooperAl KooperWhen the sun pours down like honey From the sweet California sky Then the haze and the smog they are both soon forgotten And it's the very same way with love now When you're hurtin from an old affair Then the pain will disappear when a new love's gotten  Don't ask me why I do it Cause you'll only say I knew it And I'm played just like a fool everytime (everytime) Oh but if you know the answer Then I won't even ask her Cause it's hard enough for me to go down one more time  When it's 10 a.m. in Doraville It's only 7 a.m. in L.A. She said I didn't want to wake you up just to warn you So the taillights soon will flicker And the Georgia sun will rise But I'll be in the dark in California  Oh I'm a two-time loser And that could sober up any boozer Or at the very least make him looser In his prime (in his prime) And I never even called her So why does everyone say I balled her I don't think I have the energy to go down one more time  Please don't say that it's magic Cause it always ends up tragic The act of love so sweet so soon becomes a crime (becomes a crime) Oh please don't make me tast it Though it seems such a shame to waste it I don't think I have the energy to go down one more time  One more time, one more time One more time
見上げた空へbirdbirdbirdAl Kooper次で降りよう すでに決めたこと 整備されてる緑が見つめてる 人ごみを歩けば 安心を覚えるの?  見上げた空は泣いていた わたしは夢の傘を広げた  最終列車 ゆれるプラットホーム 若い僕達は未来を確かめる アナウンスは声をかき消してゆく  夜空は月が輝いてた あなたは隠れて少し泣いた  誰もいなくなっても 眠ることはなく 置き忘れられた悲しみを 洗い流すのさ 幸せのチケット 今あなたの手に  見上げた空は泣きやんでた あなたは涙の傘を閉じた  見上げた空は泣きやんでた 誰かが始発を待ち始めた
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