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LET ME HEAR YOUR VOICE高橋洋子高橋洋子Megumi AyukawaAkira~SenjuIf you call me I can feel much happiness  If you call me I'm not alone anymore  I can hear, your voice so near, just like you're whispering actually in my ear  If you call me I can feel much tenderness  If you call me I say goodbye to tears  I believe, really believe Love may travel across the ocean In my mind  Whenever, whenever where you are Your voice gives me thousand kiss  When you're down, I'm also sad Leave your pain, I hope, I pray for you Everyday and night, so please, call me Call me back again  Voice is love, voice is dream Voice is miracle like your smile Voice is gift, voice is you Voice is blue bird living in our hearts  Whenever, where you are, I can feel your love, Let me hear your voice…
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