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Beautiful feat.Trey SongzAIAIAI・Trey SongzAI・Trey SongzYeah I'm getting so close 2 you Oh now what am I suppose 2 do Yeah Cause you're so good 2 be true You know you are beautiful  I put my arms around you I feel so secure around you Do you realize what I feel inside I never felt like this before no You are a part of me But lately my heart skips a beat…yeah  I know that were just friends So I tried 2 hold in But I'm sorry it is 2 late Is it wrong 2 love you Tell me what should I do Why am I feeling this way…  Baby I feel the same way You in my life, it changed me I can't explain the way I feel inside So keep your arms above me Girl, I'm gonna hold you down see Ain't never gonna need another cat like me  You got me thinkin' I can't control the feelings My blood presser high It's raizing 2 the sealing The things that you do is so beautiful That makes you amazing and unpredictable!!  The way you give me all your loving You been doing it with skill  I do what I do Cause I know it's real  Baby girl, you do it best Won't you tell me what it is?  You know what is like You understand what(how)I feel  I love your style, that buautiful smile Won't you have my child? The things you do The sexy little way you move
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