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Find The LoveZweiZweiHOMEYAyumuAround the corner There is a coffee shop Here is the prettiest girl I found How can I help you she said I'm losing my control  It's just the way it is Boys and girls Yeah That's it Wow We already know the truth is inside of body Please don't bother me  I wanna know about you more I could get lost In your eyes Somebody tell me what should I do I don't know what to do to do  Nothing to worry Because I have done so many simulations I can't deny It's the first time I'm so caught up in this love  Before the real game Oh I did it flying Wow I can't do it well without a friend Toss Pass Kiss I want it so bad  Want you to know how I feel I have been waiting all the time Acting like I'm a decent boy I guess I need to take a deep breath  Okay Okay Everybody Let's focus here Back side you gotta get ready And you It's coming to ya Okay Okay You should know that We are all counting on you  But I know Just didn't wanna see what's on your mind That fact you love somebody not me Ah Got it now I know It's never easy No equation  We cry We lost We do forget We talk and laugh all night long Everything we go though together Why don't we make it all fun  Looking up the beautiful blue sky Too bright to keep opening my eyes Time passes each everyday Right now Right here We are standing in this moment  Find the love Ladies Find the love Gentlemen Find the love Here we go Find the love Oh It's just the way
恋ガレヨZweiZweiAyumuAyumu八代新平角曲がった 喫茶店 カワイイ 彼女がいる  「いらっしゃいませ」の声 心 震わす  ヤルセナイね 男と女 Wow 指し示してる 答えは 体内にアル 邪魔はしないで  何でもいい 知りたいよ 君の瞳に 映ってみたい この僕の 気持ちは どうする ヤラヤラ  毎日の習慣は 専門誌でシミュレーション  生まれて初めての 恋に迷い込んだ  練習中に 下手なフライング Wow チームワークは欠かせない トス・パス・Kissがしたいんだ  わざとらしく 今日も いつ気付いてくれるかな イイ子 気取ったりして もうちょっと 肩下ろそう  本当は うすうす感づいていたんだ 好きな人いるってコト Ah 恋ッてヤツは 難しい問題だな  涙 悩み 忘れ 友と笑い明かそう 連続する刹那 楽しもうじゃないか  見上げた空 青く 強烈な光浴び 変化してゆく日々を 今 ココが きっと…  大切なんだ  恋せよ 女 恋せよ 男 恋せよ ガレヨ 恋せよ トキメケ
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