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(It's just a) SMILEREBECCAREBECCANOKKOAKIO DOBASHI笑顔が苦手なLady Blueは いつも一人ぼっちの泣き虫ね 素直になれる勇気がないから 心にカギをかけてしまったのね It's just a smile 涙をふいて It's just a smile もう一度だけ It's just a smile ほほえんでごらんよ It's just a smile ぬれたまつ毛に It's just a smile 星空が It's just a smile そっとささやいてるわ  鏡がきらいなLady Blueは いつも片想いばかりしてたわ 一番好きな彼(あのコ)の前でも うつむくままで何も言えなかったの It's just a smile 笑ってごらん It's just a smile もう一度だけ It's just a smile 無器用でもいいから It's just a smile あなたの顔は It's just a smile きっときれいな It's just a smile 心と同じだから
BOSS IS ALWAYS BOSSINGREBECCAREBECCANOKKOAKIO DOBASHIIt's gonna be alright. Come on, check it out! It's O.K. to be yourself and you're gonna make it. Flowers are flowers, men are men, women are women and you are just you. Relax and let it feel you. You know, you gotta keep tryin'!  It's O.K. to be yourself. Come on, check it out! But, you know. it's gonna be hard. Flowers are flowers, men are men, your Boss is always Bossing. You're locked up in the System. But you can only be you,
WHITE SUNDAYREBECCAREBECCANOKKOAKIO DOBASHIWhite Sunday いつのまに眠ったの うでに包まれて 夢見てた 白いと息は窓をくもらせて 2人かじかんだ指先ね  White Sunday もう少し側にいて 胸のたかなりが言えないの そっと冷たい体を気づかう2人 粉雪が降る朝に  White Sunday 口づけが痛いほど ときめく心が 苦しくて もしもこのまま冬が 続くなら 2人まっ白になれるのに
I'D START A FIREREBECCAREBECCAKIM O'LEARYAKIO DOBASHII remember the first time When we met it was like a dream Color faded around you I heard a whisper inside of me  Day and night keeps on turning My emotion is held inside But I can't stop the burning This is a power I can't deny  I'd start a fire all around you The feeling's so real when I close my eyes My desire would surround you Nothing could stop me if you were mine  I know that you want me I can read between the lines You have seen what it could be But I can't wait forever to read your mind  It's something that I never felt before Even in my wildest dreams I couldn't want you more
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