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LiarLAZYgunsBRISKYLAZYgunsBRISKYLucyazu・LucyI'm gonna sing it like a lie. so, I'm gonna swing at the lie.  People are talkin' about the fuckin' yesterday but my reality is not on the T.V. show.  Show has started now. The lives are all gone. I'm a liar.
Navy StarLAZYgunsBRISKYLAZYgunsBRISKYLucyazu・LucyDarkness, so cool like an afterschool Ms.Darkness, am I crazy? See me, real me, baby  Darkness, time I hate Dark night, I‘m scared Ms.Darkness, I'm not crazy. If you sell the light, I‘ll buy it  Uh, Navy Star! who decided not to light in night. I do. I do.
Bitter DayLAZYgunsBRISKYLAZYgunsBRISKYLucyazu・LucyUh, mama, what's the truth? “It is it and that is that.” A bitter day!  What a bitter day!  Uh, mama, you said to me. “She is she and you and you.” But it never helped me feel better. I hope just tomorrow will be a better day!  Uh, papa, what‘s the “rule”? 'cause I've never made someone sad.  What a bitter day! “Life is bitter chocolate and it never melt.”
Now!LAZYgunsBRISKYLAZYgunsBRISKYLucyazu・Lucy“Now!” Now is the time. No thinkin' time, any thinkin' time. It doesn't matter the way you move. yeh, that's the way. The school never teach ya how to dance. just stop your pencil “Get out, Mr.Teacher!” 'coz now is the chance. Now is the time. Light up the mirroeball, make up the miracle. Oooopsi, na-ah. Never mind. Never mind ...blah, blah, blah, blah. Beat goes directly to your heart and become directly to your heat. How to feel is free and easy. Open your mind is great and hoppin'. Now is the time... forget everything!  Now! It's good time to try. Now! It's good time to try...  “Yeh, now is the time. Your time. I know your fvourite music is cumin' up. Here we go, say, ooooooh. What a lovely music! Do you like it? like it? like it, hah? Happiness is just a time with someone who you love. Happiness is just a time with song which you love. Money, use it like waterfall. Felling, makes you wonderfull. Now is the time....!”  Now! It's good time to try! Now! It's good time to try!
Chicken raceLAZYgunsBRISKYLAZYgunsBRISKYLucyazu・LucyPlease don't care about me. I must go. Please don't follow me. I must go.  What's your rock'n'roll? Find it first. Ding,ding-dong. I leave my rock'n'roll here, so.  I know it's rockin'!
Ring,ring,ringLAZYgunsBRISKYLAZYgunsBRISKYLucyazu・LucyAmusement, what's for? Amusement, what's your amusement? What's for amusement? What's for...?  So, so, me. La la la.  Ring, ring, ring your tone. Ring, ring, ring your tone. Ring, ring, ring your tone. Ring, ring, ring Yo-Ho
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