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UP TO YOUSong of much pressat Anytime中村直矢中村直矢Song of much press
UNDER THE DOGIn addition you also go pastat Anytime中村直矢中村直矢In addition you also go past
IN THE LIFEI don't want to lose a heartat Anytime中村直矢中村直矢I don't want to lose a heart
WISHShooting star can be seen dayat Anytime中村直矢中村直矢Shooting star can be seen day
EVERYI don't think thatat Anytime中村直矢中村直矢I don't think that
COUNT THREEWell do you goat Anytime中村直矢中村直矢Well do you go
KING OF NAKEDYou don't realizeat Anytime中村直矢中村直矢You don't realize
CLOSE TO YOUWhy not everywhere nothingat Anytime中村直矢中村直矢Why not everywhere nothing
GLORYIf you want to changeat Anytime中村直矢中村直矢If you want to change
SHADING LAMPWhat do you waver inat Anytime中村直矢中村直矢What do you waver in
SHEShe said I Never see youat Anytime中村直矢中村直矢She said I Never see you
SEVENTEENAll of which will leadat Anytime中村直矢中村直矢All of which will lead
7DAYS WONDER1day They shouldat Anytime中村直矢中村直矢1day They should
SONG OF YOUI can see very clearlyat Anytime中村直矢中村直矢I can see very clearly
TIME OF YOUR LIFEI believe I spend the timeat Anytime中村直矢中村直矢I believe I spend the time
DIE WAS CASTThose connected to the futureat Anytime中村直矢中村直矢Those connected to the future
CHANGE THE WORLDI can't leave the otherat Anytime中村直矢中村直矢I can't leave the other
DIGGING UP UNDERGROUNDIt's not that we can not liveat Anytime中村直矢中村直矢It's not that we can not live
TAKING BACK EVERYTHINGI was clearly thoughtat Anytime中村直矢中村直矢I was clearly thought
DRAG DOWNDrag down You are also stayedat Anytime中村直矢中村直矢Drag down You are also stayed
NO WORRY,NO RESETYou have a lot of talentat Anytime中村直矢中村直矢You have a lot of talent
HAVE A GOOD NIGHTIf you do not meet with youat Anytime中村直矢中村直矢If you do not meet with you
BELIEVE SONG -TASTE OF BEER-That day but you've traveledat Anytime中村直矢中村直矢That day but you've traveled
50-MILESIt's a rainy dayat Anytime中村直矢中村直矢It's a rainy day
FEEL LIKE DANCEWow A cheers with you againat Anytime中村直矢中村直矢Wow A cheers with you again
FAKEThe one I have begun to leaveat Anytime中村直矢中村直矢The one I have begun to leave
Mr.LAZYHey today also oversleepat Anytime中村直矢中村直矢Hey today also oversleep
LIVE BY FEELYou'd still keep walkingat Anytime中村直矢中村直矢You'd still keep walking
RAINBOWWhere does that rainbowat Anytime中村直矢中村直矢Where does that rainbow
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