Go On

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Leo Imai


Leo Imai

Shame on me, shame, shame, shame
They glued my hands to my face so I can't see straight
Took me to the specialist to hand me my fate
And I can't wait to see their shadows leave the room, I hesitate
Walk past front desk, wink to the waitress
Back to back attack, and I'm with the temptress
Her office room no.2118, something I've never seen
Before me, wanna take it all away from the microphone
Got one soul, one goal, but lost all control
So this you gotta know

Saw my love grow tighter / Saw the demons bite her
Make it burn with my lighter / Make my urgency much brighter

Nice advice, shame it's lame
Had this line so many times, but it's true, so I keep repeating
Repeat to the shadow elite, burn a hole with 'em dancin' feet
Try to run away and you're mangled like a fist when it hits concrete
Over and over, and I grasp it, and it's too late
21 single females in a row, they're posing for magazines
Believe me when I tell you that I want to make it right one more time
So this you gotta know

I take that line? Don't give a fuck if it's a Class A crime
I waste my time? Don't care if it wastes this life of mine
I'll bust that gag? Don't give a shit if it offends or rags
I'll fight that slag? Don't care if it makes me a damn scumbag
Bring out the scum, bring out your scum, hey
I know it's wrong but I'm gonna do it anyway

Can't turn on, I can't turn on / I can't turn my love back on
Can't forget them ole regrets / I'm left a silhouette(so I smoke a cigarette)
Can't go on, I can't go on / I know I'm so wrong
I'm wasted but I'm not erased / Just give me one more taste, go on

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曲名:Go On 歌手:LEO今井


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