Future Child

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Def Tech


Def Tech


Def Tech

I said a give the children love, said a raise them up above
Live for the future just because
They're the ones to carry on our seed
Let them free give them what they need

Good advice in a rhyme is hard to find
I give you what lives up, up in my mind
Feel the moment and own it, said do it proud
Do what you gotta do to make it loud
My birth came up quick on me
My face had a taste of excitement to see
Truth, Trust, Passion, Key of life
Unite your soul and you will get it right

今はまだ 小さな種で やがて芽が出て 花咲かすまで
耐え 堪え 実を結ぶ that day
風まかせる 定め

Here's a little story that must be told
We're two young Ragga's that are way too bold
No one holds up back so were going for fame
Pioneerin' Jawaiian to the music game
We gonna trust ourselves and strive for it all
Lookin' forward never back even if we fall
Takin' one big chance to fly to the sun
Cuz we know together we're number one
Def Tech is in the house don't ya know
Def Tech's gonna turn it out ya'll
DEF tech, DEF tech, DEF DEF tech tech
DEF tech, DEF tech, DEF DEF tech tech

Here comes the Ragga sunshine
High times sunshine rhyme
Making you feel sublime all the ちょっと
たんまは無しだ 始まれば止まんない
One night だけじゃすごくもの足んない
締めて覚悟して バンザイ
見上げる星☆ moon と sunshine
ここに置いてけよ 悔し泣きは
悪句メリ 文句はもうやめだ
気がつけば外は 晴れだった

The meaning in the words can make the world shine
Coming out of soul it's holly divine
Intertwine thoughts with emotion so hot
It stops opposition with pants down caught
Hard as rock, be strong, lift up your head, belong
To the society of life, live up, live long
Do you belong, be free, open your mind and see
There is more to life than to just believe

今はただ小さな羽で やがて育ち 羽ばたくまで
やめないで きっと気づくまで

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曲名:Future Child 歌手:Def Tech

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