Bebop My Baby

'Round Midnight hour
I hear music callin'
紫の煙立ちこめる真夜中の Live Joint
You make me feel like a flower
A Honeysuckle Rose that's bloomin'
満月の夜は Mood Indigo 危険な Turning Point

Go Ahead, Play it for me, Baby
Straight Ahead, Try me with all you've got
Go Ahead, You know what they all say,
“It Don't Mean a Thing if it Ain't got that Swing”
Your music led me to you
It was like Chasing the Bird
Yes, your music led me to you
I Got it Bad and It Ain't Good

'Cuz I, I just came around to listen to some music
Chillin' with my girlz, dancin' & swayin' them String of Pearls
Never expected to fall in love
Oh, on, no, Sir, got me oh so wrong
But so I thought until you came along
Started to play that good old song

Bebop My Baby
I go crazy with your chops all over me
Bebop My Baby
What a serendipity...
I think I'm falling in love...

Then my girlz came and told me what they all used to say
“Never fall in love with a musician
when he's playin' his instrument.”Oh no!
“You know why, cuz he'd be so fly! Way too fly!
Keeps you so, so very high!
So you'd better be wise and ask yourself
before you hit the ground.”
Well, thank you ladies, I think I'd better do that..

Is it you that I'm in love with?
Or is it your music so intoxicating?
Well, it doesn't matter anymore
'Cuz I'm in love with you anyway!

It's You and the Night and the Music!
That made me arouse in this Hot House!
Makes me go diddle doo dada...

Bebop My Baby
I go crazy with your chops all over me
Bebop My Baby
What a serendipity to find you just for me

You Do Something to Me...
You take me to all over the world with your music, music
Take me by a Caravan, wanna spend a Night in Tunisia
Take me back to the roots of Anthropology
With your music, with your music
I want your Confirmation now
So stop munching on them Salt Peanuts! Salt Peanuts!