Had a dream set in a Caribbean chateau
A nostalgic haze Every friend I've ever known
But there's a guilt gnawing at the back of my mind
Hey, sister I gotta get myself in line

Woke up with a shiver like everybody had died
Strewn across the globe like ashes taken by the tide
From the Garden of Eden to the fall of man
Hey, brother I'll never ever understand

No one-way ticket to a Shangri-La
Just some cash on a counter at the one coin bar
Wino Roll Wino Roll

Carpathian suckers running round in my head
Now my heart is hard while their lips are red
I'm in paradise and I feel like a wreck
Hey, sister I gotta get myself in check

'Cos I was born boxed in In a vapid tableau
And I cannot reap what I have never sown
Wino Roll Wino Roll

On Wino Wino Roll on
On Wino Wino Roll on