Fresh Horses

Ezekiel! Ezekiel!

They say seize the day So won't you order all the disarray
If we don't want to stay Then we break out in our marks of Cain

Gather and align All we need now is a passing sign
Like water into wine Magic travelling through a grapevine

Oooh It's time
Oooh To align

Hear the fanfare play Dilating synapses in your brain
To never be the same again We came here to battle, not entertain

You've got a spirit running overway
You've got a spirit running overway
But you can't contain or civilise it
Clack, clack Stampeding in your veins
Clack, clack Setting fire to your bloodstains
You're in control but don't realise it

Oooh This time
Oooh We'll align
I hear the galloping close behind It's not just prophecy in my head
And I don't believe in God's will, but I call unto you anyway
Lord! Lord! Lord! Lord!

Fresh horses Bring me, m'Lord Bring me, m'Lord
Fresh horses Cut 'em loose Cut 'em loose