Black Cat

The sun's peakin' through the window
Half past four, gotta leave my burrow
Another day of heavy labor
I know it's not the one that prefer

Someone's knockin' at the front door
of my Authority but I won't
let‘em in, no. no no no no no no no…

I say BLACK CAT's killin' all the rats at night
I say BLACK CAT's catchin' all the birds that fly
黒猫's coming close
Gotta work hard and gotta be right
Cuz the BLACK CAT's ruling over town tonight

Zip up, seal your lips tightly
We all need to talk quietly
Don't make your highness angry
We are the citizens of peace

Don't you fight, against the force!
Just obey! You'll make it through…
Now's the time to break the ice
立ち向かえ don't be a be a fool