Trigger feat. RIBKAT

They never seen it comin, the beats bangin
So Ima give people what they wanted
I'm just rockin a rhyme, see ain't no stoppin the plan
With the proper design, welcome to “TAK” In Japan
I'm just here to salute, kickin the snare with a boot
Writtens are so wicked a vividly sinister truth
Yeah we're tearing the roof

So move around In your fresh get up, Uh....
Peace to the new style trendsetters.

Uh, now here's a throwback
C'mon everybody can I get a soul clap
Yeah, change gears till we hit top speed
We only came here for the Disc Jockey

So now your In your zone
You like the way the music got you feelin when It's on
And all the trendsetters like to take it up a notch
They follow what we're doin cuz we make em wanna Rock