Useless Kind

I can't let go...

Sit and wonder how you been feeling
I want to know, but you never come near me
Each day, you change the way you throw my heart away

“Useless” is what you call me
So block me out and shove me away, babe
I guess I should've given up by now

'Cause your world it contains only my pain
But I can't...
I can't let go....
I can't let go....I'm the useless kind
and I can't let go

Sit and wonder how you been feeling
And I pretend that you're thinking of me yeah
Truth is you never really cared
Bruises are never gonna mend

I'm the prince in the stories you're reading
I'd let you know, but you'd never believe me
I thought he got the girl in the end

All your cutting ways
It's really starting to hurt bad
And I don't know why I can't let go...
I can't let go... me fix my soul
Turn my misery into heavenly
Want a recipe for a potion to make her realize
Make her...

I'm sick and torn and my soul has been drained to the ounce
Like a dog that's been spending his days in the pound
It's the way, you wave, your cage and I can't get out!

Useless kind...I can't get out!