eighty six

There are scabs inside us all
That none of us even know are there
And when we open up the door
It covers us all in a cruel light
A message sent back‘86
Did it make it as far as here?
Or did you rip it into shreds?
Now we all know what the truth is

Screaming like we're wrapped in barbed wire and we are
Hoping that we make it out of here
Waiting even if it takes until I die there will be
New life growing up from where we lie

Can your heart take the strain of this?
What on earth are you playing for?
Was it you that pushed the pin?
So you just have to accept it all
On the secret beind your eyes
Just how long are you gonna lie?
Now we all know what the truth is

(It's our right so let us know)
(All the dirty lies you told)