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The Blessing 新曲YOASOBI 新曲YOASOBIAyase・訳詞:Konnie AokiAyaseAyaseAs you are now thinking of that star, so remote You're dozing off to be sleeping through with a thought And the future you decide The way you want to stride Wherever you choose to set off, to go Together, I'll be there by you  You hold old memories, asleep in you You then were taken afar So young, to this star Deep inside, the growing wish Held it tight Over there, a scenery that's glittering If you could only jump, and land in the globe you sight  It's only you, so lonely in this domain Invoke and desire Dream and hope you're drawing As you see the future And if you choose to keep on marching on Instead of running off And cleared of any doubt  Not to be part of those images someone paints Not advancing in that show, chosen by someone else You and I, ally to write our story Will never let you be lone and be gone from your side Hidden out in your chest, and the day will come When your blade will be cutting all those chains Unbound restraints At all times, together we'll be fighting on  Brought up in this predetermined fate Go ahead and crush it Breaking free, we never were some puppets to start with See, your realm ignites now Your future to shine bright Unbound possibilities, make it what you want to  As to scoot, holing up as you ran up to me So, you climbed up in the cockpit and stayed inside That kid in scenes left in the past, no more to cry Before I realized, you grew to be powerful  It's your life, your story, your way And it's not owned by anybody And it has no answer that is right Up to you to walk the route you point at Now the spell is broken And as we're now about to part with that fiction, defined It's time to fly out to take off right now  At a pace no one can attain, I speed away Kicking up the ground, soaring up the sky with you Covering the future, that curse to grip tight As you are changing it by using your own might And by choosing not to run off, but to stride on You extended the scope of all things you can reach out for Grow to become so powerful And on this planet, you were made to be born To keep on living in this world, as time is flowing on And so, you'd love it all, so you would treasure it May all blessings find their way to you, I'm wishing it
If I Could Draw Life 新曲YOASOBI 新曲YOASOBIAyase・訳詞:Konnie AokiAyaseAyaseTo see how that moon is shining beauty While I'm all by myself, surrounded by trees On the edge of departure, to be starting my journey Up to that day, reliving's came across my view  Few riches that we had However, all this kindness stood by me My mother's own That sketching I was drawing and painted on I love it, she voiced, it was caring that was shown So we could make a living She gave her dream away, went to work instead And even so, to come the day we parted Then we came to meet and in such a time Falling for you, I learned of real love  See, I was feeling that joy was bound to be So, state, why's it that all I'm treasuring has been fading to end In a cruel realm of gathering woes? I convey byes to all  I need to go and meet up with you straight away Proceeding up to where you now remain Heart is with you, forgive me All at once, I heard your voice And it caught me off guard So, acting to end everything in that style Wish to be departed and gone Can't anymore encounter people, as you know On nights full moon is seen  And I could not reach for that side I fell, to end up on the ground, it's been surprising The moon chatted with me At that very time, gave me a mystifying talent Powers crept out  I pour life into things I see and draw As I distribute with this power Even all the dying greenery Restoring all the essence, too  And I could give it this time that I hold, and I'm left to live  I spread it to all the life I was then drawing Small pieces, I divided it into Then I found a meaning to my life So was everything when I got to meet you Resembling me You have been, over the days, living in the woes And when I tried to leave before and end it on my own Got mad at me for it all In the bat of an eye, I was mesmerized  But I know you already have somebody who's so dear to you He went on and betrayed you, and you know it's wrong And even so, to reside inside you, love for him to flow So, now, he's on the way to a fade-out Life to lose all hues  You kept on crying, and it was his name you called It took that sight of you to make me realize Amid a single day So, committed all the soul to drawing To pour in my life in what I sketched out And from there, he was restored, opening eyes  I made it happen, it's a miracle painted As you were shedding tears Coming from you blissfully Sparing no trial Want to have you knowing my thought Finally, listen In that way, giving me the joy to live my life again I will tell you, I so truly had love for you deep inside See you, goodbye  In the end, it's just me As I'm picturing you, my mom is in my thoughts Was thinking of you, and slowly closing my eyes End of the line of such a long journey Finally united again
Romance 新曲YOASOBI 新曲YOASOBIAyase・訳詞:Konnie AokiAyaseAyaseHappening so suddenly, there it was An incident that caught me off guard What started out with a note sent to me Though out of reach, back in distant generations Came from you to me So hard to conceive this type of meeting  Now you can find in my era, convenient new items Here's the way we live, unknown to you Pouring in characters while interchanging these feelings Unaware, a blossom of romance grew  In no way can we ever meet up in real life You and I evolve, away, in domains apart Sewing up rows and lines, stacks of hues of feelings Profile not even known, indefinite for now  Don't mind conditions, expecting all of your words Waiting goes on, I can't stand that It is true, our times differ But we go far beyond all limitations on our way Me and you, me and you, are sending out our feelings If my wish is coming true, I vow One glance is all I need I want to meet you now I love you, that's why  Unforeseen thought I was reminded of what's in your time In history recorded to befall Occurs tomorrow, cause of all tears to fall To let you know it now Somehow, I'm in need of a miracle  So, time went on as it flowed Passing through all seasons All your letters, no longer reaching me Those words that can't come to me, but only hurt inside Pressure onto my chest ensues  What is found down the line, from a hundred years ago "See it with my own two eyes" As you hoped, imagining the future Road that I'm now taking, and still walking on The sore feeling, still holding on I keep it locked inside my heart  So, at last, holding it, your letter that came to me Recognizing, I'm reminded of those long-awaited conveying's That I have, in my hands, for you went beyond that day Thoughts you printed Designed the last note of your love to me You lived in your era, it's sure The evidence of it all Crossing all generations, grasping it in my hands I gather all truth I can see, it's written onto this epoch In time, I'll walk that way to let you know
The Swallow 新曲YOASOBI with ミドリーズ 新曲YOASOBI with ミドリーズAyase・訳詞:Konnie AokiAyaseAyaseHere I make new meaning over these waters Consumed and, cut the clear wind as I soar To flap all wings as fast as I can take To my city there, let's go Soon, beyond this ocean  Yes, I'm a small little swallow, arriving upon a city There is something that I saw That's full of joy, I hear a few voices And sounds of worry and sorrow of other friends' voices  We all have many different ways to be living lives we are in Wanting to just protect without a time of noticing Why are we inflicting this pain on one another Under the same sky we live in  Brought to the world, every tall and small and all Many lives of color variety, together, we keep living With everyone, we people and all the plants, every bird and flower Shoulder to shoulder just look around But in the world, things we're always reaching for And the new futures we're looking for are all such different tones If we're able to keep going hand in hand We will be laughing and living together with a smile I'm thinking of what I can do to make it better now  Back on the other side of fortune that's taken up by somebody Friends have lost locations, a place to live and come home to Only thing he wanted was to harmoniously Be living here together and just be  Could not see anything, overtaken by sorrow Shadows almost here to stain darker colors in my soul When you start to forgive, and accept our differences We begin to make connection once again  What could it be that we can be doing now Even if we couldn't change it all by doing everything we can Let it be known, to somebody's day, go on Bring a little bit of vibrancy in color to their world  We know it's far from a precious stone so bright It's nothing like any fine sheet of gold But just as how we see, if we could make our world Start overflowing with a subtle little piece of love Take notice what surrounds, some changes you will see Under the same sky we live in, one day it'll show So goes the story of small and little me holding a big dream
Halzion 新曲YOASOBI 新曲YOASOBIAyase・訳詞:Konnie AokiAyaseAyaseI'm seated into time, it's passing by Yet another hopeful thought of you And despondently staring into a cold screen, at pictures You and me were laughing loud  I wanted so much to avoid all scenes I end up knowing more I'm now surrounded, inside it And days go by, rolling on No matter what's implied Wish hope was all I needed to meet once again  I nod at all the words you speak Yes, I believe, in return I'm all alone As you're leaving me here, sitting, as time is passing through Many plans I'd put together Memories of you, I'm feeling I look for in my daily life More days behind me Yet to come, when in my hand, slip away, and I watch them fall Since way before, I have been searching, it is gone And I'm looking back and remembering what I am still holding onto  Draw lines and separate, don't look back Gates are facing reality, and I cast it off It's why I could not realize, realize Outer fence, when I took my eyes off Soul is warmed, arrays of blossoms All, indeed, was something I could see  Wish I knew, wish I could have known of it Too worn out is my heart The closing doors I seal again, and stay over all alone Enclosed in as I'm hiding, loose, and I am there lying Sustaining, I'm the one you left alone, behind  Above, the blue-sky scenery Those days of youth, eye can espy I know deep inside of me, I can get it all back on board I bring back atmospheres Heartbeat is pacing as you vowed, "In love with you"  Allowing no one else to see, feelings I veil While I'm still hiding with my hands This moment I perceive, alive, inside, within my truth Eyes are closing as I call back While I sight it recreating, it's a bright scene I think of Those days behind me, living on Scattered around, reflection in my mind It was the vision I had, in flowers not budding in time Now I can draw the hopes I pursue  Recall your tones and all you told Those days of old, how beautifully time enfolds We've been in a panorama in that moment of time All feelings I took my eyes off Now unite in fate Connect the ways where I could have walked, too Those days behind me now are gone I'm moving on to new horizons, I take off And from now on, I will be walking, even if you're gone The two of us are smiling as I'm waving goodbye Turn my back on that past as I started moving ahead
Just a Little Step 新曲YOASOBI 新曲YOASOBIAyase・訳詞:Konnie Aoki・BFNKAyaseAyaseMost of it I can, most of it I can If I take a step out in the world Sow seeds that are inside of it all I care, so let that flow around I live and recall what each hour I got Today shifts, ending, so charming, you do know how So, that way, all of that joy rolls on to return it to you  I was so on the move again, and this morning When every old scenes appear and pass by me Have to take care of what you're needing me to bring over to you Receiving what you said to notify Attention, never minded, today the fortune was "If you go outside, comfort zone should sway"  And so, I just go about my own Keep it somewhere there in my mind Into another new day  Most of it I can, most of it I can If we take a step out in the world Most of it I can, I do know it, I can In time, we could share some of that love I live and recall each hour I'm on It's lovely, feeling of that day turning around So glad, I'm feeling that joy, it rolls on to return it to you  I got used to the heavy darkness on the screen And I feel as they forgot all about me When I think about it, so unhappy Wonder if I am "necessary" I thought about you and reminded in flashback An urge I need to feel, I could not fight back I take it upon me to leave and go meet you  It's all that I need  Maintaining wonder so long for this morning All moments, all the sentiments, and all learnings Before long, on the go, I have quickly just hit the road Suddenly, then, felt a bit of that kindness Then, you got to see it turn into the kindness that I got All out, rolls on to be out, back to you  Most of it I can, most of it I can Since I could step out in the world Most of it I can, oh, to know it, I can Act out of truth, and to be in my heart And now I see that all scenes will resolve As to best suit when it nearly has now arrived Finding all around as it flows  Go on now, from you to my heart, receiving it all I know you've got it coming through Soul focus on us, from me to you now Joy is the feeling spreading around I carry this out and see the colors Through every step out, I see kindness from me now Arriving into lives to play rolls Forever going around as it tolls  Revolving on and on On to live another day of this life But while you're living in the moment When you find a little piece of joy that you're owed I will be hoping that you will know it
Haruka 新曲YOASOBI 新曲YOASOBIAyase・訳詞:Konnie Aoki・BFNKAyaseAyaseI know it, back when no one Would think of me to take home Had nowhere else to belong Caught in a knot and woke alone You took a step while reaching out You shook my life and pulled me out Then filled the room with your smile I won't forget the look  Through life, in every corner Your moon light prayers calling Into this more, keep walking next to me And soon, taking on history Though life can be sore While light is seen a lot more We share every bit of what those times are made of  Looking again, ever the stories kept inside All memories come out Overwhelmed, I share them with you Away, alone, no one will see the step you take And all that you've been through For me to get to be here, right there and so close All that it would take For me to be whole and delighted, staying here with you Coming again with the words I wanna say is just "I am grateful"  Oh, so soon it was A joyous spring has come to us A new departure season, true A far away new city, move You let me be with you once again When falling alone and feeling deep I'll be here so that you can see I send it all and root Because I'm always here for you  Now we see, everything life brings you is not an easy journey As you went, hard to be concealing all your tears Still, on, we go Every day, take a step at your pace So, you can become mature and walk on through For me to get to be sitting here next to you, ah To me, if I can know you smile If you show me your brighter days I'll pray for every joy you got, deep inside your heart Is found within, to be a part of what you'll be  Say, giving you so much is your own I can understand plenty love around you has bloomed Don't cry, not any more Remember now, back in the day How you would keep your face in smiles, always  Looking back, I stare at these views I follow All memories come from within, I shared them with you Away, alone, no one will see the step you take Nor all the drops of tears you saw pour out Becomes a new meaning, to align with you I could soon know that plenty true love got to bloom Coming again with the words I wanna say is just "I am grateful"  It's true, evermore You will be okay It's true, evermore My love remains for you
Love Letter 新曲YOASOBI 新曲YOASOBIAyase・訳詞:Konnie AokiAyaseAyaseI feel delighted, to music I adore I say true thoughts I've always had in mind of you Somehow, I need you to receive it It's something that I needed to express Though I'm a little shy I can't let go of thoughts I'm holding inside, I know Can I write every meaning to convey Hoping this letter is in your reach In spite of any situation Every line of your voice reaching into my head Provides a power needed inside  Hey… I want to smile at all and every moment But sometimes I hurt inside, I'm out of fuel But, again, all I would have to do is stretch my hand To you, reach out The world would be so bright And every shade of it colorful Like all flowers bloom beauty  When laughing, crying, no matter what happens Selection's up to me, whenever, tune in So, today, I'm wondering what type of you I'll find Until this world is gone, over, and coming to an end I'm wishing you resound, always  It's only you I think of, I always need you to be around When feeling like I gotta move it with your flow When feeling like the body is about to blow You always did have my back And know that you truly saved my life Inside my heart, it's moving, I cannot resist Inside my heart, it's filling with a lot of bliss  I want to be there and be by you Ever surrounding me, staying close From now, evermore For you are the one that I treasure Hope you'll always be echoing  Can I communicate every feeling Packed up into a letter you can read? Don't know if you're understanding what I write Though I'm afraid you haven't I can hope that you received all I wanted to say Sent you what it is that I have been trying to get out of my heart So, you know, I cannot stand the thought of us not being acquainted Conception of it scares me because I love you that much  Every thought I wrote, accept it right now  So, when laughing, crying, on and on, for so long I'll walk ahead again, do so forevermore So harsh and dark, and painful things would pile up, but as you know This world is huge and wide, it overflows No matter the hour, the place, music's pouring through All I stand in front of and everything I'm waiting for If I'm afraid, then what should be my next move Don't know what to say or do, I get so lost, and even though When I'm not feeling stable, as long as you are there by my side I'll keep on moving forward  Calls out emotions hiding in my heart Rolls out the motion deep in every thought It's true, only you, music I love And nothing comes even close to take its place Somehow, for centuries to yet come Somehow, keep on resonating Evermore, oh, truly, I am grateful


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